Life update

well, you may know I finished my thesis at the end of the month. It’s a relief, yet I still have lingering feelings that I should be working on it. I actually have mixed feelings. I wanted to be done with that paper for so long. In fact, towards the end I began to care less. Which is sad because the topic truly deserved my full attention. Unfortunately, long papers do that to you.

If you’re interested, I wrote about migration and disability. Specifically Syrian refugees with disabilities living in Berlin. I spoke to a number of refugees and social works about the topic. It was fascinating and heart breaking. To be honest, I learned how hard it is to be a researcher. I was meeting with people who experienced traumatic life events and were doing their best to integrate in their new city. I asked questions about their stories and they were extremely vulnerable. Often times I felt bad because I couldn’t change their situation immediately. For instance, housing is a major issue in Berlin – even for non-refugees. Refugees experience a limited budget and discrimination on top of there being a shortage of housing. Additionally, the number of accessible flats are few. It took me months to find my flat. Therefore, families would ask me to help them find an apartment. I could send them the limited info I had, but really it’s a long process that I’m not an expert at. This feeling of helplessness lingered throughout my project. Thankfully, other were in my position of being a researcher and we reminded each other that the research alone is helping in the big picture. So… with that said, I hope to publish a section of the research. I know not everyone wants to read all 85 pages.

Now that I’m done with that, I’m job searching. uggggggh. It’s actually going ok. There are a number of jobs in English and I’ve found a lot to apply for. I forgot it takes patience to wait for replies. If I didn’t mention before, I’m going to stay in Germany for now. I like the social perks and the political climate in the US is mehhhh. Jeremy is also working near Frankfurt. Germany treats their graduates well. I received an 18 month visa to look for a job, but I can also work on that. So, that’s nice.

Since I have a bit more time now I’ll hopefully be making some more fun updates!


oh and the article photo is from a rap concert we went to here in Berlin. He’s a guy from Houston. He raps some very deep and intense stuff about life, love and everything in between.

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