East Coast Adventure

Where has time gone? It’s August! The summer is flying by. I’m finally back in Berlin after an epic month of travel and family visits. I ended my semester of class at the end of June and had a few essays to write in July. I’m actually finished with the class portion of my degree…now onto writing this massive thesis. That also means I’ve almost been in Berlin for one year. It’s kind of crazy because in a way I feel like just got here.

I spent my time in Indiana not just at home, but also on 2 mini-vacas. One to NC to see my friends Kelsey and Anne tie the knot. It was a beautiful wedding at Lake Lure in NC. It was a fun fact that Dirty Dancing was filmed there. So we spent time in Baby’s Bungalow and Johnnys Cabin haha. I also saw a handful of friends I worked with in Indiana at Bradford Woods Summer camp.

A week later a few friends and I drove out to see Jeremy’s brother on Cape Cod. We also made a put stop in Boston to see my friend Jamie. The quick weekend was extremely relaxing. We even got to go out on a boat to an island on the cape – it may for a pretty great 4th of July. The trip consisted of yummy seafood, donuts, coffee and ice cream! Although we drove out, we flew back to make the trip home a bit less stressful.

I spent the rest of my 2 weeks enjoying the sun at my parents lake, cathcing up with friends and frequenting Target. I’m not sure how I’ve lived without it…but it could be one of the hardest things I’ve done 😉

I got back to Berlin on a friday eve (after a one day weather delay) and flew out to Ireland on saturday morning. There I met my good friend Aisling in Dublin for a few days. On Monday my parents and brother flew into to Dublin. We stayed on the coast in the bay south of Dublin. It was beautiful! Just as we were getting over jet-lag we flew to Berlin. My parents entered a disaster zone of a new apartment. I moved recently to a more central part of Berlin. I now live near Treptower Park, which is about 20 – 30 mins closer to everything I need to get to. I had been in my apartment for a few days before I left for the states in June…as you can imagine there were things everywhere. Moving is not fun and you’d never guess but I’m not the most organized person. 🙂

The family was a great help to say the least! Although the place still needs some work, all the basics are in order. It’s sooo nice being able to get places more quickly. The river is a 5 min walk, the train is close, buses outside the apartment and I have a huge place (compared to my last place ). I’d post a picture…but that would mean I’d need to make the bed.

While the family was here we also went to Dresden and Gorlitz. I was really excited to get outside Berlin and see more of Berlin. It’s sad to say almost all of my travel has been outside of Germany. The Northern part of Germany looks similar to the countryside in Indiana. Lots of fields and farms. We did see fields of sunflowers and a field of hops which was pretty cool.

Now that I don’t have as much going on I’m trying to make a better schedule of things. It’s easy to let time slip away. I don’t even have wifi in the flat yet…so I should be super productive. The plan is to continuing to volunteer at the start-up, Coolar, learn more German, make some new friends who aren’t moving any time soon and possibly do some freelance writing…also pet/child sitting. If anyone in Berlin is reading this and needs a sitter let me know! I do miss living in the student dorm because there were always people down the hall. I don’t know too many people in my building, but I’ve got the vibe that I’m on the younger end. At this rate I’m liable to get a cat…or a fish..just something to talk to in the evening 😀

Off to reading a book…since Netflix marathons can’t happen at the moment.

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