Beer in Berlin

Before I moved to Berlin so many people responded with that typical – “ooohhh they have lots of beer.” Yes, Germany does have a lot of beer. But, their craft brew scene is nothing like the states. Your average super market stocks about 10 different kinds of Pilsner, some Hefeweizen, maybe a porter, a few Radlers and depending on the season, something a bit darker. Oh, and I forgot, there is a large Alcohol Free section! Whatttt?! But, this gives way to thinking that Germans like beer for the taste and maybe it’s not all about the buzz. OK, I can get behind that. Now, this seems like quite a selection…if your brew of choice is Budlight or even Blue Moon. There is a strong conviction to the idea that beer shouldn’t be messed with. Almost like it should be kept in the same format as when it was invented.

Let me back up and say I’m not a beer snob. Well… maybe I am. But, I don’t know anything about hops or barley and such. I do however have an appreciation for a variety of tastes. Consider it like wine, think of all the flavors and types of wine! Therefore, I have put some effort into finding ‘good beer.’ I’m not saying I still can’t enjoy a Berliner Pilsner, but I miss my IPAs. I will note that Becks distributes an IPA and Pale Ale here…not good, save your euro. I have found two bars that are are par with the craft brew scene.


So, this place serves beer AND fancy coffee. Basically I could spend all day here becoming really energetic then calming my nerves with a brew. Nice cozy atmosphere with long tables and dim lighting. They also have shuffleboard! Nice bartenders. They even had a Sour beer from Norway!

Taps: 12, plus about 30 bottles

Price: $$$ – even bottles are around 7 euro

Accessibility: right next to a metro (without an elevator), but walking distance from a tram and other stops. City Center. No Steps, but the bathroom is iffy.



This bar may be my new home. It’s much closer to my house, so I already like it more. Friendly people and a huge location. We went on a Wednesday and they had Pub Quiz. I had to laugh because the guy told me the guest beer was Sierra Nevada and I responded with a “ha yeah…I know what that is.”

Taps: 6, plus about 30 bottles from around the globe

Price: $ – cheap for craft beer. My imported .5L of Sierra Nevada was only 6 euro.

Accessibility: Walking distance from Ostkreuz S-bahn. Fancy ramp. Fancy accessible bathroom.

Hops and Barley

This place is special to me because it’s where I had a very surprising birthday surprise! Now, from the inside it’s pretty similar to the other two places. Wood floors, comfy chairs, low lighting etc. But, H&B brews most of their own. They even have a Cider! Very friendly staff and probably a place I’ll always default to.

Taps: 8 or so – some seasonal

Price: $ – again, super cheap for draft local beer

Accessibility: Centrally located in Friedrichshain. Ramp and huge bathroom access.

Here’s to some more new discoveries soon!!










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