Resolutions 2016

It’s a New Year. I suppose that means I should make some resolutions …or at least things I’ll stick to for the rest of the month. To be honest, some of these are borrowed from others, but they are too good to pass up. Here goes…

  1. I need some time management. Find a balance between laziness and productiveness. Make to-do lists that are manageable.
  2. Find something to be happy about every day. Some days are really hard here, but life is good. Like today, when I entered a metro elevator and the floor was covered in sugar cubes – who can’t smile about that!
  3. Learn to budget my money. Sometimes I forget I don’t have a paycheck coming in.
  4. Read more for pleasure. I have a horrid habit of reading 100 pages of a book and quitting. Find a good book and stick with it.
  5. Learn German. This should be number one, but I’ll keep it at number five because I know I won’t get around to it until summer.
  6. Continue finding new events to go to in Berlin.
  7. Do my PT exercises :/ (if I’m being honest, I know I should include this)
  8. Maintain friendships/ family relationships back home despite living across the pond.
  9. Journal more about my travel…aka blog more.

I think I’ll stop at nine – this is becoming more of a to-do list than a resolution list 🙂


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