Christmas in Berlin

It’s been a bit of time since I wrote, so there may be a few posts all at once. I’ll start out with Christmas in Berlin…or December in Berlin. Germany is known for Christmas markets! There are over 50 on Berlin alone. I tried to hit as many as possible.

There were many markets that were more ‘tourist’ oriented; full of tacky gifts and carnival rides. They sometimes reminded me of the county fair in Columbus. Other markets were small and had themes. I went to a Japanese market and then also a Holland market. All markets had some of my favorite things: mulled wine (gluhwein) and a variety of delicious foods. Many markets had traditional German foods and snacks. Many markets were also full of lovely handmade crafts. Basically the markets were a great way to feel the Christmas spirit. Germans were a bit over the top about it all, but that made it exciting and entertaining. Below are a few photos across the city.


I spent my first Christmas away from home in Berlin. I was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to come home, but was excited that I had visitors coming. My boyfriend Jeremy came from the states and also his sister and her husband. We spent a lot of time relaxing and eating/drinking.

One of our favorite evenings was when we went to an event hosted by the 2nd division football club – F.C. Union. They host an evening of singing carols in the stadium. 28,000 people were in attendance to sing, eat and drink gluhwein. It was such a wonderful, warm feeling of the Christmas spirit. Although all the carols were in German, many of them sounded familiar.


We also had a wonderful Christmas day. Jeremy and I made breakfast for the four of us and then we had a lazy couch day with lots of wine. For dinner, Tom and Marisela whipped up a great chicken roast along with some some delicious twice baked potatoes. It was nice to spend time together and have a relaxing day. Berlin shuts down for a few days surrounding Christmas as well. So, unfortunately the following days we had to look a little harder for nice pubs or places to hang out. We have also had very mild weather in Berlin. This past week is when it really started to get cold.



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