First days in Berlin

Hallo famile und freunde.

Yes, I am alive and well in berlin. It’s taken me some time to adjust to this massive city, so I wanted to wait until I had something more meaningful to write.

My first impressions were that berlin is a massive city. I am used to going to a new city and knowing where the city center is and then understanding the city from there. Berlin has approximately 6-8 city centers. Many different areas – each offering a unique thing. You can see on the map that the transportation system is great! This is just the subway – there are also busses and trams that run all over. I live in adlershof and go to school in alice salomon in hellersdorf. You can see it’s quite a trip and it take me 1 hour on tram and subway. I have explored many parts of the eastern part of the city within the loop, but not so much in the west. (Picture map in next post)

My school is a very nice and new building. The students seem to be very friendly. There are about 25 students in my english masters. They also teach the same masters in spanish so we see them often (another 25 people). You can see some details about the program here.

My apartment is also very nice. There are many students who live on my floor and people share a kitchen. My room has it’s own kitchen too. It’s nice to always have students and others around. The apartment is a little out of the way but it is right next to another uni campus so it is a lively area during the week. It is also very close to one of the airports that operate budget airlines. Here you can see a little more of what the area looks like.

Some quick facts:

– Food is cheap and beer is even cheaper 🙂 they don’t have as many beers on tap like all of our restaurants – normally and pilsner (berliner pilsner) and a dark beer (dunkel). I know some places brew their own, but I haven’t found those yet.

– Everything is closed on sunday … even the grocery! So, one must plan accordingly, but there are tons of flea markets on sundays! I went to this one today and it is amazing. It even happens every week! Check it out herehttp://www.Flohmarktimmauerpark.De/gallery.Php

– The weather reminds me of indiana. It can be very sunny and warm, then rain and become very windy all of the sudden. Much more wind in general than indiana.

– The fancy world of using credit cards everywhere does not exist here. You normally need cash and if you’re lucky the take a german bank card. That has been quite annoying at times.

– Lots and lot of parks and nature. There are many green spaces in the city ring, which is very different than many of american cities

Overall things are going well, but I do miss many things. Like my kitchen and house. Having everything you need to cook is something I took for granted. I also miss the closeness of everything in columbus. The commuting here will be a change. It is nice not to drive though. It is nice meeting new people here, but it obviously takes time to be good friends like I had in columbus. So, thank you all for being great friends, pets, family and a boyfriend that made columbus such a joy to live in. As they say, you don’t realize how lovely something is until you move away. Berlin will be a great adventure, but it is nice knowing my roots are quite unique as well.

I do have an address and new number, so message me on facebook if you’d like that.

Bye for now!

Brandenburger Gate
Brandenburger Gate

IMAG0501 IMAG0507

Yummy food all day
Yummy food all day

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