Another day in Berlin

So, I can say these last few days have been very good! The weather has been sunny and warm on the afternoon. Although, the morning is quite freezing!

We have finally met as a class and I have met everyone who will be in my course. There are 28 of us from all over the world. We have been doing some exercises to hopefully have better conversations when the real classes start. It’s always fascinating to see where people come from and what they can bring to the table. It’s also a challenge because everyone looks at life through a different lens and perspective. Being understanding to other views and ideas, while discussing your own will be important in this course. So far I can tell I will really enjoy the courses because they draw on many Anthropological concepts – my minor at DePauw.

Finally, I can say nearly all my paperwork is done and I am just waiting to get my passport back with my Visa. It seems quite bureaucratic, but when I think about it, the US system is very bureaucratic. If you’ve ever tried to use the social security or medicaid system – many hoops to jump through.

I have had some really good food now that I’m here. German food is good, but I’ve been excited for all the other ethnic food. Lots of Turkish and middle eastern influence  – YUM! Food is cheap, so it’s really a treat!

Official class starts Monday and I have Thurs- Sun. off. Hoping to do a few more touristy things before I get overwhelmed with reading and writing. I’m excited to start class to get a bit more of a schedule. It’s been odd being here with a rather free schedule. I’m not really on vacation, but I want to see everything. I’m always up for suggestions, so please send them if you have them.

Overall, Berlin has many similarities to other big cities in the US. Cafes, shops, public transport. I compare it to my time i D.C, But I think there is even more to do here. Lots of daily markets, talks, arts, etc…

Chow for now…

One thought on “Another day in Berlin

  1. Grace:
    So excited for you and what God has planned for you while in Berlin. Studying with others from as you said many different cultures. So thankful for you and your faith. There is a great daily resource that I read to know of some of the conflicts going on here. It is the FRC site. You might get some useful info for discussion. It really identifies where our conflicts are here in the USA which transfer wherever we are.
    Blessings and look forward to hearing more on your adventures there. We were thankful that Jeremy was able to surprise you. God has so many more blessings for you!
    Stay warm. Joshua 1:7 ….only be strong and courageous…”


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